Friday, 2 January 2015

Blur Book Review

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you had an amazing 2014 and that 2015 is the best year for you yet! Can you believe it is already January? Like us, you may still have the Christmas blues and your Christmas tree might even still be up. Ours is standing in the corner, slowly losing brown pine needles by the minute. We know, it's pretty sad. BUT, do not worry my friends because winter is upon us. Winter is the time for cuddling up with your hot chocolate, Netflix, and especially a good book. 
We recently came across the book Blur by Steven James. We don't know about you, but we are definitely the type of people who judge a book by its cover. (and maybe the author picture on the back, not gonna lie)  So when we saw this intriguing cover, we couldn't help but pick up a copy from our local library without even reading the back, but as we flipped through the pages, we can say we were not disappointed one bit. 

Daniel Byers is shocked when he finds out a girl who attended his high school has drowned unexpectedly. Everyone, including Daniel, believes Emily Jackson's death was accidental, but when evidence comes to the surface that contradicts the belief that this 16 year old died accidentally, he is not so sure anymore. On the day of Emily's funeral, a terrifying hallucination astonishes Daniel and causes him to question everything about Emily, and himself. As clues are revealed, Daniel finds himself battling a world that causes him to evaluate what is real in his life, and what is a blur.

Blur by Steven James is packed full of suspense, plot twists, and shocking realizations. When we first read that Daniel was seeing visions of  a dead girl, we rolled our eyes with slight annoyance, thinking, "Oh no, not another ghost story." However, as we read further into the novel, we became immersed in this mysterious tale, wondering if Emily Jackson's death was actually a mistake after all and who was committing this horrible crime. 

Violence- A fair amount of violence. Daniel gets into a few fights and severe threats are made, including murder.
Sexual Content- None.
Language- None. 
Spiritual Content- A few bible stories are mentioned a couple times, but God is only alluded to, which was a bit disappointing for us since this book is written by a Christian author. Hopefully, the next books in the series will have a stronger spiritual proclamation. 

Pins & Paperbacks gives this book a 4/5 stars,

With love,
Mickey & Jen 
Pins & Paperbacks Blog 
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