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7 DIY Projects to do This Summer


Sooo... some of you may have been wondering, "What in the name of Sugar Daddy happened to our blog?" You may have noticed some serious changes around here, including our new name, and our fabulous (we think) makeover. That is because, on a hot summer day we put our heads together (not literally) and decided our blog needed a lil' something special. Besides the fact that it was a scorching oven outside and that our house smelled of foot odor, we were determined to set this blog on fire! So after numerous hours of Fresca and frustration, our blog was up and ready. Scratch that- it sucked. Then, after a few more hours of revising and editing, our blog was just perfect. Voila! Enjoy!

And to kick off our very first blog-post, under our new name, "Pins and Paperbacks," we have put together a collection of our favorite projects that have turned out just shwell. Be sure to send us a picture if you try out any of these projects under #pipablog on Instagram. We are so excited to see all of y'alls creation!

                           First up is this ADORABLE diy sheer skater skirt. It is super basic and only took an afternoon. I did not use a pattern to make this, but I suggest you practice on a newspaper or wrapping paper to ensure your skirt turns out just right!

Super fun to twirl around in! It makes you feel like a Princess. Below is the link to the
original tutorial I found with an easy to follow video. Happy twirling!

  Next up are these genius scrabble coasters! These bad boys have been on our diy to do list for quite awhile, but the problem was, we didn't have any wooden scrabble tiles! After months of searching and searching, we finally found wooden- not cardboard, scrabble tiles at our local thrift store for just a couple bucks. The wait was definitely worth it! It took us awhile to come up with some four letter drink words that didn't involve alcohol, but when we did, the rest was pretty straight forward. 
 We did make a few modifications to the original tutorial do to us being cheap. Instead of using cork, we used foam, and we used a nice layer of Modge Podge to finish of the project. These would be perfect as a nice handmade gift tied up with a purdy little bow. How adorable! Check out Gourmet Gab for full instructions! 

Here is another one of our favorite sewing projects. It is a self drafted pattern, so it works with all different sizes and shapes. The lovely lady who designed this free tutorial goes at a slow pace good for beginner sewers. She explains the measurements very well and don't worry, there is room for mistakes!

If I were to make this again, I would draft it at a smaller size around the shoulders and around the waist. I would also try adding sleeves or a Peter Pan collar. 

 This DIY project is pretty simple. All you need is a clear phone case and scrapbooking paper. It doesn't take more than a few minutes unless your like me and you love looking at all the different types of paper. Here is the link for this easy tutorial:
DIY iPhone Custom

 This tutorial was like, super easy. However, I had to make it more complicated of course, because I used an old long shirt of mine, instead of using a man's, like the tutorial advises. I ended up sewing my sleeves back on after I finished the tank, and cut out the ridiculous looking collar from the shirt. I didn't have enough fabric for the bottom, which is why it looks a lil' funny.
 All in all, it ended up looking alright, so I have no hard feelings against the tutorial. Here is the link:
DIY Peplum Top

A little while back, we were given Carrie Underwood tickets and after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest, we decided a DIY shirt was in need. Like, why spend the twenty-odd bucks on a shirt that you can make yourself, right? And doesn't it look legit? (besides that random Nike symbol, lol) This tutorial was so easy to follow that we have made more of these types of shirts.

Lastly, what better way to end this post with some delicious s'more cupcakes? These delectable treats are the perfect of summer. I didn't make many changes besides the fact I didn't put in the marshmallow creme because I didn't have any and I was too lazy to make some. They turned out marvelously (my  family can testify to that). Here is the tutorial:

With love,
Mickey & Jen 
Pins & Paperbacks Blog

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  1. You guys did an awesome job! :) The shoulders and waist are often hard to get just right - it took me a few attempts of tweaking my patterns until I got one that I was really happy with! Good luck if you try it out again! :) x Annika

    1. Thank-you so much! That is such a huge compliment, especially coming from you! We've been wanting to try out some of your other patterns- we just need to find the perfect fabric. Thanks so much for the comment!

      -Pins & Paperbacks (Micky & Jen)


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