Book Reviews

Daniel Byers is shocked when he finds out a girl who attended his high school has drowned unexpectedly. Everyone, including Daniel, believes Emily Jackson's death was accidental, but when evidence comes to the surface that contradicts the belief that this 16 year old died accidentally, he is not so sure anymore. Read more

The Testing Book Review
The future of the world belongs to a few selected candidates: ones with intelligence, bravery, and spunk. But before these young contestants can become leaders, they must pass a gruesome challenge called, The Testing. Read more
Thalli, with the help of her friends, Berk, Rhen, and John, manages to escape from the clutches of the Scientists. After a gruesome long journey, resulting in personal and physical injuries, the four friends arrive battered, bloody, and bruised in New Hope, a civilization of fugitives.  Read more

Hattie Ever After Book Review

Hattie has a big dream-she wants to be a reporter. This seems impossible, especially for Hattie, a once lowly seventeen-year-old orphan who gave up everything to work on her uncle's homestead... Read more

The Captive Maiden Book Review

Gisela has always dreamed of a happily-ever-after fairytale for herself but ever since her Father died, those hopes and dreams have quickly faded away... Read more

Anomaly Book Review

In a world void of emotions, Thallium has been gifted with the ability to feel sadness, despair, and love... Read more

The Silence of Murder Book Review

Hope has always known that her brother was different, not crazy- just special... Read more

Sketchy Behavior Book Review

Kate Carter doesn't want to be known as a celebrity... Read more

Save the Date Book Review

Lucy Wiltshire is not the typical young adult... Read more

11 Birthdays Book Review

Amanda and Leo were born on the same day, at the same time in the small town Willow Falls. Read more

Always Watching Book Review

What if you were the daughter of a famous pop star? Read more

Angel Eyes Book Review

She had wanted to run away. From her problems, from her grief, and the icy cold feeling she had deep inside. Read more

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