Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hattie Ever After Book Review

      Sorry for not posting anything in a while! The team has been caught up in a whirlwind of activities! We're excited to present a new book review for ya'll. Be sure to comment below and subscribe to our blog.

           Hattie has a big dream-she wants to be a reporter. This seems impossible, especially for Hattie, a once lowly seventeen-year-old orphan who gave up everything to work on her uncle's homestead. So when she finally gets a chance as a not-so-classy cleaning lady in San Francisco, she decides to accept the challenge. Little does she know, this job could be more than she's bargained for.

          Hattie is caught between her past relationships and the glamour her new lifestyle holds. In the end, she must choose to follow either her heart or her head.

          Kirby Larsen certainly caught our attention with her compelling debut novel Hattie Big Sky. Unfortunately, the second book didn't live up to our high standards but it definitely had a well-thought plot and character development. It was an enjoyable easy read. If you are as curious as we were about Hattie's life after living on the farm, then be sure to check out this wonderful conclusion to the series.

          The Teen Book Blog rates Hattie Ever After a 3/5 stars. "Interesting but was a slow page turner."

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