Sunday, 13 April 2014

Luminary Book Review

       Thalli, with the help of her friends, Berk, Rhen, and John, manages to escape from the clutches of the Scientists. After a gruesome long journey, resulting in personal and physical injuries, the four friends arrive battered, bloody, and bruised in New Hope, a civilization of fugitives. Thalli embraces her new life and makes friends with the people. When New Hope is attacked by Athens, Thalli feels obligated to help her new friends by venturing out to the enemy city. She volunteers to spy and find out as much information as she can. Thalli must be careful who she trusts and learn to leave her heart out of matters. Krista McGee creates an exceptional sequel to Anomaly and answers life's hardest questions about faith and self-image.

       The Teen Book Blog rates this book a four out of five stars. We enjoyed the numerous plot twists but the writing style was a bit too basic, and lacked McGee's usual creative flow. However, the spiritual values were spot-on and gave us a better understanding of life. We are excited to read the conclusion of this series which releases this summer. Be sure to look for a review!

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