Thursday, 14 August 2014

DIY Recovered Folding Chairs

I had recently gotten a "new" desk for my room and in all the excitement about welcoming a new edition to my humble abode, I realized that I still had one of those cheap, boring, black folding chairs as a seat for my desk. I know, not very attractive. And then I remembered seeing a tutorial on Whipperberry for how to spice up your folding chairs and I knew that this was indeed what I needed to do! This is a pretty easy project, so you might even be able to do this to a couple more chairs for a special occasion.

These chairs would be perfect for parties or even just your room! Ok, let's start this puppy. 

You will need:

  • A folding chair 
  • Fabric (about 1/2 a yard for one chair)
  • A screw driver
  • A staple gun
  • Scissors
  • The screws from your chair 
Note: Some people spray paint their chairs but I decided to leave mine black. 

First, unscrew each screw with your handy dandy screw driver. Set your screws aside where you won't be able to step on them (ouch) because you will need them later. You can do this to the seat, the top, or both like I did. 

Next, lay out each piece on top of the fabric.

Now its time to cut out your fabric to make sure it wraps around the cushions. 

Next, taking your stapler gun, staple the fabric tightly to the pads, making sure the pattern isn't crooked on the other side. You may need to call the man in your life to help you. (in this case, that would be my father) You can trim the excess fabric if you like, but it isn't necessary because you won't be seeing this part of the chair. 

Once you are done stapling the fabric to both pads, it is time to put those screws back in. Make sure you push hard to make sure the screws go in properly. Time to use those muscles ladies! Once you do that, you are done!

Well then.. Uh huh.. Ok. That failed. If this happens to you, just unscrew those ridiculous screws, flip that cushion around and screw them back in again. And don't beat yourself up cause this is actually pretty funny, though I highly doubt this will happen to you because, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 
** Note: in the picture shown where I was screwing the screws back in, it was the right way. 

So back to screwing them in again. I can say for sure now, that I am an expert at using a screw driver, just saying. Now for unfolding it.......

Yay! It's the right way! And yes, I did test it out to make sure it is still useable. So now you have yourself a cute lil' chair for your room. See that wasn't too hard, eh? If you have a chance to make one of these DIY  recovered folding chairs, back sure to tag it #pipa on Instagram.

So there you have it folks, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure to comment below, we love your feedback. By the way, here is a snapshot of some of our summer reading. Stay tuned for a book review soon! 

With love,
Mickey & Jen 
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